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My Exosat software : history

My Exosat software : concepts

The de-facto concepts of this first complete package I wrote (whose history is reported
above) resulted to be : One can see that these concepts build willingly upon those defined in nuce in the former IUE era. Whenever external conditions allowed, things were defined with portability and mission independence in mind.
This package was quite satisfactory as a first prototype of a complete system for X-ray spectral analysis (despite of the limitations given by external conditions in defining file formats, or given by limitations of the then current operating systems and hardware) : the planned streamlining and rationalization of these concepts in the XAS era was rather successful (as it was the optimization in a better programming style), but the degree of completeness of this Exosat system was far from achieved, at least in the public version, and some programs are still awaiting conversion.
Lucio Chiappetti 04 Sep 02 14:21