Rabisch (Arabesques)

by the painter G.P.Lomazzo (circa 1570), is a collection of poetry and prose in a mockup dialect of the Blenio Valley. From this valley, located in nowadays Canton Ticino, north of Bellinzona (CH), people used to come to Milan to work as porters (fachign).
The members of the academy of artists convened by the painter Lomazzo (Badia di Fachign dra Vall de Bregn) disguised themselves as porters, and spoke and wrote in the Blenio Valley dialect during their convivial meetings.

The Rabisch are available as a book published by Einaudi (NUE) and edited by Dante Isella (one of the leading scholars in milanese literature). Or can be consulted online on Google Books.
The quote in my .sig is taken from "Or Caragnos Lament de l'Ors dor Falcogn" (The Painful Lamentation of the Bear of the Falcon Inn) and means :

I want to give you this advice, little Bear
Learn to be angry while you are young.

The alternate quote in my .sig is taken from the "Strambalug e Barzellett in Rod dor Galigliogn" (Funny Verses and Jokes in Praise of the Galeon; the Galeon was a drinking vessel in shape of a ship used during the meetings) and means :

Let us escape from Milan
and come back to stay in Blenio
Because porters and courtesans
Never live well together.
Ahead to there, my pal Tapogn !
Long live the Galeon