The "canale del Panperduto" (Canal of the Lost, i.e. Wasted, Bread) is a vestigial canal in the Po plain, between river Ticino and Milano, an unsuccessful attempt of excavating what was later the Naviglio Grande canal (circa 1260).

The plots below give an account of my working activities according to my own panperduto records.

updated on 12 Nov 10 17:58
The colour of the different curves indicate the different classes of activity as recorded in my panperduto records.

white either total of all activities or total of activities for support of space projects
red All activities for support of all aspects of the SAX mission (excluding science based on SAX observations)
green All activities for support of all aspects of the EPIC instrument on XMM (excluding science based on XMM observations)
blue Activities for any other space project not included in the two above (mainly Spectrum-UV, Zebra and residuals of Exosat and IUE s/w for the early years; for later years it includes 50% of the XMM-LSS surveys)
magenta Activities for support of ground-based projects (essentially the VIRMOS project). In later years it includes 50% of the XMM-LSS surveys.
yellow Activities for software support, including the support of astronomical software and other public software for the institute, of our computing system and of the network (but excluding software specific of a given mission or project)
cyan Activities for science i.e. analysis of observational data (including those for the above mentioned missions, but excluding the entire XMM-LSS surveys, and inclusive of the time necessary for observation proposals and funding proposals, as well as conferences and seminars)
gray Any other activity not included in the above, namely activities as thesis advisor or related to students, private activities (like compilation of curriculum and publication list or tidying one's office etc.), CNR or INAF related activities (compilation of yearly report, personnel business etc.) and anything else.