Lucus a non lucendo

The name "Lucio" is an old Latin name (Lucius).
Its traditional etimology, as that of its feminine form (Lucia), refers to "lux" (light), meaning probably a child born in the first hours of the day (I've actually been born at 5 am !).

However I prefer an etimology from "lucus" (wood, forest), hence my name should mean "of the forest", and since in Latin "forest" is also "silva", it should have analogy with the italian word "selvatico" (older form " salvatico") meaning also "wild".
However the traditional etimology may be correct, according to the medieval saying "lucus a non lucendo", which means "the forest is so called because there there is no light".

Anyhow, please remember to spell "Lucio" correctly with one "c". A "luccio" with two c's is something else, a nasty fish, the fierce pike (Esox Lucius L.) .