my segmented .therc profile

This shtml files tries to include my actual .therc profile providing anchors to its various segments.
 * This is my .therc profile, with items grouped in segments by topic, and with HTML anchors
 * inserted to allow navigation from a browser for demonstration purposes.
 * [this is the TOP segment with general look-and-feel settings according to taste

   'set compat xedit xedit xedit'
/* 'set compat kedit kedit kedit'*/
/* 'set compat the the the' */
/* 'set macropath .:/poseidon/lucio/THE:/poseidon/lucio/THE/FW' */
   'set macropath .:/poseidon/lucio/THE'

   'set beep on'
   'set number on'
   'set stay on'
   'set wrap on'
   'set autosave 10'
   'set linend off #'
/* added two extra args for the 3.2 or later */
   'set case mixed respect respect respect mixed mixed'
   'set scale off m-1'
   'set hexdisplay on'
/* use next to preserve soft links and permissions */
   'set backup inplace'
   'set msgline on 2 20 overlay'
/* to repeat the profile on all windows */
   'set reprofile on'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * [this is the COLOUR setup segment of my .therc profile]
   'set statopt on coloring.1 33 0 syn='
/* enable this for edit1, edit2 aliases (the -a edit1 filename), requires REXX */ 
   if arg(1) \= '' then 'macro' arg(1) 
   if arg(1) \= '' then 'macro resetsyntaxcolor' 

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the KEYHELP segment of my .therc profile]
 *  I replaced fixed reminders in reserved line like those below with a cyclic pool
 *  managed by separate macros
/* 'set reserved -2 pf01=help pf02= =   pf03=quit  pf04=up   pf05=next  pf06=retrieve'*/
/* 'set reserved -1 pf07=back pf08=forw pf09=adv   pf10=join pf11=split pf12=cursor'  */
'macro resmessages'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the VERTICAL SCROLL segment of my .therc profile]
 *  these definitions are used for page and line scroll
   'define num7 up 1'
   'define S-F13 up 1'
   'define num8 down 1'
   'define S-F14 down 1'
   'define num4 backward'
   'define F18 backward'
   'define center forward'
   'define F19 forward'
/* for full scrolling */
   'define curu cursor Escreen UP'
   'define curd cursor Escreen DOWN'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the ARROW segment of my .therc profile]
 *  these definitions are used for movement on the screen or command line retrieving
 *  and horizontal scrolling
   'set cmdarrows retrieve'

/* for horizontal scrolling convenience : on X11 only, not on terminal THE */
/* these work also in xterm but not in rxvt */
   'define s-curl LEFT HALF'
   'define s-curr RIGHT HALF'
   if terminal = "X11" then do
   'define a-curl cursor Escreen LEFT' 
   'define a-curr cursor Escreen RIGHT' 
/* next two apparently won't work on Linux */
   'define c-curl macro larrow'
   'define c-curr macro rarrow'

/*  to move to EOL, or BOL etc.  */
   'define c-del macro backend'
   'define \505  macro backend'  
   'define C-H macro backend'

/*  vestigial of IBM PF keypad for command history retrieving  */

   'define F2 =' /* in xthe these are F1/F2/F3 not PF1/PF2/PF3 */
   'define num9 ?'
   'define num6 ? +'
   'define F20 ? +'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the ENTER segment of my .therc profile]
 *  these definitions are used to define the function of the carriage return key(s)
 *  see also the redefinition in the INSERT segment

/* xthe enter is the name of cr, numenter of the num kpad enter */
/* the  c-M is the name of cr */
/* 'define enter enter' */
   'define numenter enter' 

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the INSERT segment of my .therc profile]
 *  these definitions are used for character and line insertion
   'define num0 set insertmode toggle'
   'define F14 set insertmode toggle'

/* for i.the r.the and enter.the full input macros */

/* useless, conflicts with block mode */
/* 'set statopt on inputmode.1 40 4 inp=OFF-' */
/* to prevent adding extra blanks in front of new lines during cut-and-paste */
   'set newlines left'
   'set macro on'
   'editv set myinputmode 0'
   'editv set mylastc ""'
/* do not define it here, let i.the do it !        */
/* 'define C-M macro enter'                        */
/* 'define numenter split cursor'                  */
   'define c-i macro ihere'

/*  vestigial of IBM PF keypad */

   'define num1 join cursor'
/* num1 in xthe is comma in terminal the */
/* 'define comma join cursor' */
   'define num2 split cursor'
   'define F15 join cursor'
   'define F16 split cursor'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the DELETE segment of my .therc profile]
 *  these definitions are used for character and line deletion

/*  vestigial of IBM PF keypad */

   if terminal = 'X11' then
   'define num1 join cursor'           /* num1 is comma on terminal THE */
   'define comma join cursor'       
/* 'define num0 sos delchar' */
/* 'define num0 sos delback' */

   'define c-e sos delend'

/*  new general */

/* 'define del sos delback' */
   'define del macro backspace'
   'define NUMSTOP macro backspace'

   if terminal = 'X11' then
/* 'define s-del sos delchar'      */      /* gives error on terminal THE */
   'define s-del macro deletechar'         /* gives error on terminal THE */
   'define BKSP macro backspace'           /* gives error on terminal THE*/
   else do
   'define remove macro backspace'
   'define DC macro backspace'
   'define BACKSPACE macro backspace'

/* added for pico compatibility */

/* 'define c-d sos delchar' */
   'define c-d macro deletechar'
   if terminal = "X11" then
      'define c-6 macro markblock'           /* this is actually ctl-^ */
      'define \30 macro markblock'           /* this is actually ctl-^ */

   'define c-k macro cutcopyblock append'
   'define c-u macro pasteblock'

/* + instead of - for delete line  one for xterm, one for rxvt, one for X11 */
   'define S-F16 sos delline'
   'define S-F19 sos delline'
   'define plus  sos delline'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the BLOCK segment of my .therc profile]
 *  these definitions are used to handle blocks
 *  see also DELETE segment for pico emulation

/* choice and management of block type */

  'define c-b macro blockcycle'
  'define select macro markblock'
  'define SELECT macro markblock'
  'define END macro markblock'
  'define c-r reset block'
  'editv set blktype None'
  'editv get blktype'
/* changed position, on Linux statopt can't go beyond 50 */
/*'set statopt on block.1 55 0 ' blktype'=' */
  'set statopt on block.1 42 0 ' blktype'='

/* for dxnotepad compatibility */

  'define c-x macro cutcopyblock cut'
  'define c-c macro cutcopyblock copy'
  'define c-v macro pasteblock'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the MOUSE segment of my .therc profile]
   'define clb in filearea cursor mouse'
   'define clb in cmdline cursor mouse'
   'define plb in filearea macro markblock'
   'define 2lb in filearea mark word'

/* for X11 clipboard ctl-V emulation */
  'define c-w get clip:'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the MISCellaneous segment of my .therc profile]

/* new miscellaneous conveniences */

/* 'set highlight altered' */
   'define c-l macro togglecmdline'
   'define c-p macro toggleprefix'

/* add for dxnotepad compatibility */

   'define c-s save'
   'define c-q quit'
   if terminal = "X11" then
     'define c-\ macro splitscreen'
     'define \28 macro splitscreen'
/* 'define c-h macro popup schange da creare' */

/*  vestigial of IBM PF keypad */

/* in xthe these are F1/F2/F3 not PF1/PF2/PF3 */
/* 'define F1 help' */
   'define F1 os netscape_wrap'
   'define F3 quit'
   'define num3 cursor home save'
   'define F17 cursor home save'
   'define FIND cursor home save'
/* keypad top row keys / * - for an xterm */
   'define F13 ='
   'define S-F15 ='
   'define S-F17 quit'
   'define S-F18 sos tabf'
/* keypad top row keys / * for X11 */
   'define slash ='
   'define star quit'
   'define minus sos tabf'

/* recovery of LK keyboard */
   'define F11 sos undo'

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  [this is the END segment of my .therc profile]
/* again for dxnotepad compatility, recover of autosave sessions */
  'macro recoverabort'