Help for LC BookMark engine

Installed on 31 Dec 08 17:03

The new system of self-mantained bookmarks replaces the former self-mantained system based on manually edited HTML files, which in turn replaced any browser built-in (and dependent) bookmark system for "permanent" bookmarks.

The maintenance

The bookmarks are mantained using two mysql database tables:

The CGI scripts

The original static HTML pages "per-topic" (with anchors "per-subtopic") have been replaced by CGI scripts which interrogate the mysql tables.
Some static HTML pages are preserved (as "local" URLs) for group of links considered at a level lower than the subtopic.

These are the CGI scripts:

The reserved CGI scripts

Two CGI scripts in a host-protected directory are used for some limited editing of the bookmarks table. For any further editing (specially when the CGIs silently fail) including record duplication use the private servlet, or the mysql line mode client.