"public" software written by Lucio Chiappetti

I group in this page the links to some minor contributed software, which I make available to the community since it has general purpose.
For a comprehensive description of my more serious and bulky software, necessary for my work, refer to this page.

Some of this s/w is explicitly made available under the GNU GPL license.
The rest is just supplied as inspiration for personal use and customization.
In all cases the usual disclaimer of "no warranty for merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose" and "no liability for damages" (contained in the GPL) apply to all software distributed on this page and links therein.

S/w items are listed in reverse chronological order of creation (most recent first). This does not mean an item inserted long ago has not been updated. See the specific link to know the date of last modification.
Some old items may be suitable for public distribution, but the documentation is not necessarily available yet, therefore the relevant link is inactive.

Item Languages Description Creation

laser fvwm X11 pseudo-cursors emulating laser pointer for presentation 2009
rc.received procmail awk csh analysing Received headers for whitelisting e-mail 2009
rc.quote-html procmail awk filter HTML attachments and top-posting in e-mail 2006
mysqlservlet java servlet for web access to generic mysql database 2006
therc (THE) personal configuration of the THE (XEDIT clone) editor 2001
cgi-lib Fortran writing CGI scripts in Fortran 1999
simplifits Fortran simple library to read and write FITS files 1996
xasasc IDL csh reading ASCII tables in IDL 1993

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