Analysing "Received" header keywords

as antispam and whitelisting measure

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I was sort of fed up to discover that some of my antispam procmail rules sometime generate false positives for messages coming from my legitimate correspondents (or better, that my legitimate correspondents send badly behaved mail which triggers my antispam rules, but which I could stand to accept, considering who they come from).

So I set up a little device which will be able to whitelist messages coming either from local hosts inside my LAN, or entering from a list of trusted mail exchangers. To determine the mail exchanger, I use the Received> keywords in the message header.

Download and installation

Since the above can be of general use I make available, with no guarantee or liability, what I have done according to the GNU GPL.

Please follow these steps for installation :

Principles of operation

Update history

S/w V1.0 and web page established on 19 Jan 2009
Web page last updated on 19 Jan 09 16:20


None known yet ... ... but there is no guarantee the analysis will work in any setup (this assumes a setup like hours, where all local machines are on the same LAN, and can receive e-mail from outside only via two MXs which are also on the same LAN)


I have no time to actively mantain this software other than for my own use. However I will be glad to receive communication of problems (or improvements) to it at my e-mail address lucio in domain

Lucio Chiappetti - IASF Milano - INAF