ASMA : All Sky Monitor Assistant

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This is the home page of the All Sky Monitor Assistant (ASMA), created and mantained at IFCTR by Lucio Chiappetti.
The Assistant helps you in looking for significant events in a selection of Rossi XTE ASM light curves produced systematically by HEASARC and MIT.

Cleaned "daily-averaged" light curves for the entire ASM catalog are made available with weekly frequency by MIT at URL .
Users can obtain quick-look curves more rapidly and with their own selection (including start and end times) using a form-driven CGI script at HEASARC URL

ASMA does not replace the above but complements them allowing you to


[components] [data files] [output] [s/w components and operation] [CGI s/w] [s/w history]

In a nutshell, you use ASMA by filling in the configuration form, waiting at least one day, waiting for e-mail notifications, and looking at the results via the summary page. To know more read on.

ASMA components

ASMA includes the following components :

ASMA files

All data and configuration files of interest to the user are stored in a subdirectory of ~lucio/ASM/Sources named according to the source name (with the names used in the ASM catalog). These files, described below, can be accessed via the overview HTML page.

ASMA output

The output of ASMA is represented by :

Software components

This is a brief description of ASMA s/w components and its operation :