Entry # 26 in file xas12.buglist

Bug #  : 26
Date   : 23-30 May 1996
Status : fixed with program and routine addition
Module : MECSMACCUM plus several routines (most in MECSLIB)
Title  : (NOT A BUG) MECS response matrix program

A preliminary release of the MECS response matrix generator MECSMACCUM
has been made available. Besides the main program, this release includes

(a) version 0.3 of ACCUMULATE, which supports the front-end syntax

(b) the following new general purpose routines in XASLIB :
    MULTIPLY_RMFARF and XASMATOUT. They could be used to handle XAS
    matrices also for other instruments

(c) a sequel of new routines in MECSLIB (list omitted, all but those
    mentioned in previous entries)

(d) some calibration files in $XASTOP/calib/xas/mecs have been updated
    and a sequel of new ones has been added