Entry # 14 in file xas20.buglist

Bug #  : 14
Date   : 21 Aug 1997
Status : fixed with updates
Module : program, routines and calibration files for MECS matrix
Title  : Upgrade to MECS response matrix.

The following modules have been updated as follows :

MECSMACCUM 0.2 : dialogue now supports publicly off-axis positions

In library MECSLIB the following routines have been updated

SPREAD   1.4  (adjusted channel boundary calculation)
MECS_ARF 1.4  (changed calling sequence to next routine)
WRITE_ARF 1.2 (added new keywords)

In the MECS calibration directory the following files have been updated

Mi_GAIN.COEFF     (adjusted gain relation)
Mi_THICK_BE.DAT   (adjusted Be thickness in consequence of new gain relation)
Mi_ONAXIS.AREA    (adjusted near Au edge in consequence of new gain relation)