Entry # 07 in file xas20.buglist

Bug #  : 07
Date   : 28 Apr 1997
Status : fixed with update of calibration file (1997-Apr-28)
Module : MECS calibration file for PSF of M3
Title  : Typo in MECS calibration file

A typo generating the MECS calibration file M3_PSF.COEFF editing it 
from a previous data file has caused three minus signs to be chopped
off. Coefficients E_SIGMA, D_RL and A_M resulted positive while they
shall be negative. As a consequence the effective area files in the
response matrix of M3 were seriously wrong for selection radii smaller
than 2 mm (radii larger than 5 mm were unaffected).

The typo has been corrected in the file dated 1997-Apr-28