9. Cross-accumulating from photon lists

Cross-accumulation is the process of generating data structures (like images, spectra, time profiles and photon lists) in a mission-independent format starting from other mission independent files.
Currently prototype programs exist which accumulate images, spectra, time profiles from XAS photon files.
It is planned to add also other form of cross-accumulators (e.g. to accumulate time profiles or spectra integrating a TIME-PHA pseudo-image)
The syntax of the relevant command is similar to the standard accumulate command. Note however that these programs have been used seldom, and their syntax is not yet fully upgraded to the one of the other programs (in particular for what concerns time quantities), therefore the following syntaxes are to be considered only indicative.
xaccumulate spectrum [ sfile {inpfile} quantity xrange xbin  {range range ...}
xaccumulate image ifile {inpfile} xquantity yquantity xrange yrange  xbin ybin  {range range ...}

xaccumulate time [ tfile {inpfile}  quantity trange tbin  {range range ...}
xaccumulate photon [ pfile {inpfile} {include include ...} {range range ...}

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