11.1 MECS event corrections

In the case of the MECS a number of corrections need to be applied to raw events in order to normalize their position and energy information. In principle these corrections could be applied post-facto to a raw photon list before using it as input for cross-accumulations, however so far a different, faster, way has been implemented, which is to handle all corrections on request, transparently during the primary accumulation of images, spectra, time profiles or photon lists.

Some corrections are mandatory (unless one is interested in raw detector events), while other corrections are optional (but require the mandatory ones).

Selection of data in fancy spatial regions (other than a single standard XY box), although strictly not a correction, is implemented as an optional correction.

These are the kind of corrections and a very brief description of their nature.
In order for corrections to be applied during primary accumulations they must currently be explicitly enabled. Otherwise one obtains uncorrected files using raw detector X,Y and PHA.

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