16.6 Converting XAS files across different operating systems

XAS data files use the native binary representation of the operating system on which they were created. Since these representation may differ, a XAS data file may not be usable on another operating system.

The creation system is recorded in the file header. XAS programs will recognize whether the creation system is consistent with the current operating system (e.g. Ultrix and OSF/1 are consistent, SunOS and HP-UX are consistent, but OSF/1 and SunOS are not consistent because of byte swap, and no Unix is consistent with VMS). If it is not will give a warning inviting you to run the following command.

localize [file newfile
localize [file INPLACE
The conversion may take place either creating a new file, or modifying the original file in place. Note that this will render the file unusable on the original system, unless it is localized back.

localize must always be run on the target system, not on the origin system.

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