16.4 Converting XAS files to/from plain FITS files

All kinds of XAS files can be converted one-to-one to plain FITS files (in the form either of FITS images or FITS binary tables). This provides an effective way of importing XAS data into any astronomical package. The burden of converting to the conventions used in the target package (e.g. column names or order, keyword names) is left to the user.

Conversely a plain FITS file (FITS image, single-extension FITS binary table) can be converted into a XAS file. This is assumed mainly to re-import files manipulated in other packages.

See elsewhere for conversions using OGIP conventions.

There are three commands to handle XAS <--> FITS conversion : Beware that the conversion from/to FITS is handled using the FITSIO library, and therefore it uses that library's error conventions (in particular an existing FITS file is never overwritten, contrary to XAS usage) and codes.

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