ii. contributors

This XAS HTML manual has been written by Lucio Chiappetti ( IFCTR).

The following persons have participated to the development of XAS software :
Lucio Chiappetti ( IFCTR)
overall design and coding
VMS and Unix Virtual Operating System (VOS) library
Ultrix, Sun and Alpha ports
MECS specific modules
Marco Morini (formerly at IFCAI)
overall design and concepts (1985-1990)
Daniele Dal Fiume ( ITESRE)
overall design
Unix VOS library
Ultrix, HP-UX and Alpha ports
PDS specific modules
Fabrizio Giambertone ( IFCAI)
fromfits module
Teresa Mineo ( IFCAI)
MECS response matrix
Mauro Orlandini ( ITESRE)
PDS specific modules
Luciano Nicastro( ITESRE)
PDS specific modules
IDL xasplot contributed s/w
Andrea Santangelo ( IFCAI)
HPGSPC specific modules
Giacomo Fazio ( IFCAI)
HPGSPC specific modules
Fabrizio Fiore ( SDC)
overall support and instrument team interface
Sun and Alpha ports
Matteo Guainazzi ( SDC)
overall support and archive configuration
Stefano Signorile ( SDC)
mergewindow module

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