2.7 The lib directory

The $XASTOP/lib directory is a target directory of build, i.e. the place where all the relocatable libraries will reside.

As such this directory will contain system-dependent files. A multi-architecture support of XAS will require separate lib directories under different $XASTOPs

The following is a list of XAS libraries (external libraries are also present here, and other libraries used by unofficially contributed programs can also be placed in the lib directory) The respective routines in source form are located in libsource or vos. The name of the relocatable library file depends on the operating system (e.g. libname.a under Unix or name.OLB under VMS).

library namepurpose
fotlib routines specifically used to access SAX telemetry on Final Observation Tapes
general general purpose routines (e.g time-and-date, byteswap etc.)
graphserv low level library for the graphics servers, and the relevant clients
hpgslib routines specific of the SAX HPGSPC instrument
lecslib routines specific of the SAX LECS instrument (unofficially supported)
mecslib routines specific of the SAX MECS instrument
pdslib routines specific of the SAX PDS instrument
vos system dependent routines
xasgraph high level graphics library
xaslib routines independent of SAX data formats, but specific to handle mission-independent XAS data files and features

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