5.9 The PDS library

The PDS (pdslib) library groups routines specific of the SAX PDS instrument (calibration data access, event corrections, instrument specific keywords). These routines have been written at ITESRE and are not supported by the author of this document (refer to comments in the code).

Use the subject list in the previous page, or the quick alphabetic index here below to locate the routine of interest.

(A-)I init_correct_pds inst_key_copy inst_key_find inst_key_flush inst_key_load
inst_key_mult inst_key_read inst_key_set instrument_keys
N-O no_keyword
P pds_arf pds_ein pds_en_resol pds_fotunits pds_freq
pds_keywords pds_matinfo pds_matkeywords pds_matout pds_ogip
pds_opnrmf pds_response pds_wrtrmf pds_wrtrmfebo pds_wrtrmfmat
pdscorrect pdsmat_coef pdsmat_init
R-T rminmax sax_froot_name time_70s2mjd time_a2mjd time_cldj
X-Z x_echo x_echo_error xdofit

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