5.7 The MECS library

The MECS (mecslib) library groups routines specific of the SAX MECS instrument (calibration data access or event corrections).

Use the subject list in the previous page, or the quick alphabetic index here below to locate the routine of interest.

A-B abs_co_be alum area_mr bewin_trasp blsel
C-E coda cross_sec ein eout escape
F-K fopen_rmf gas_cell init_correct_me init_correct_me_fast kapton2
L-M lexan me_gain_time me_init_map mecs_arf mecs_keywords
mecs_matkeywords mecs_rmf mecscorrect
P-S poly poly_carbo psf_mir psf_rad spread
T-Z tetafi_xy write_arf write_rmf write_rmf_ebo write_rmf_mat

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