5.6 The fotlib library

The fotlib library groups mission-dependent (but instrument independent) routines specific for access to SAX FOT telemetry data files.

Use the subject list in the previous page, or the quick alphabetic index here below to locate the routine of interest.

A=B add_end add_file add_init add_rew_tape add_skip_tape
C-E check_packet correct edit_cmd exposure_b1s1 exposure_b1s3
G-M get_start_end init_correct instr_keywords lintomm mmtopix
N-R rearrange_instrec
S sax_acc_b1s1_i sax_acc_b1s1_y sax_acc_b1s2_i sax_acc_b1s2_y sax_acc_b1s3_y
sax_acc_b2s1_y sax_acc_b3s1 sax_acc_b3s2 sax_acc_b3s3 sax_acc_b3s4
sax_acc_b3s5 sax_acc_b3s6 sax_acc_bt_1 sax_acc_bt_2 sax_acc_bt_3
sax_acc_hkrange sax_acc_loop sax_acc_open_sc_tlm sax_acc_open_tlm sax_acc_other_range
sax_acc_preload sax_acc_range sax_acc_select sax_df_keywords sax_open_dir
sax_pcf_load sax_pcf_lookup sax_pktcap_load sax_which_data
T-Z tapechar timebin_b1s1 unlintomm

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