5.10 The HPGSPC library

The HPGSPC (hpgslib) library groups routines specific of the SAX HPGSPC instrument (calibration data access or event corrections). Part of these routines have been written at IFCAI and are not supported by the author of this document (refer to comments in the code). The remainded of the routines are not officially supported.

Use the subject list in the previous page, or the quick alphabetic index here below to locate the routine of interest.

A-E broad2 buf_read cofas config_read effmed
F filecorr_read fileinp_read fopen_rmf fuga fuga_1
H-J hp_gain_time hp_keywords hpcorrect init_correct_hp julia
P-S parameter reader reader_1 shell_fact shell_prob
T-V tmed tofits toqdp
W-Z winbe write_arf write_rmf_ebo write_rmf_mat

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