5.1 The vos library

The vos library groups system-dependent routines (the Virtual Operating System) whose top layer has a standard system-independent calling sequence. There is a variant of each routine at least for Unix and VMS, and often for each flavour of Unix. The routines in the bottom layer (when existing) can be radically different.

Use the subject list in the previous page, or the quick alphabetic index here below to locate the routine of interest.

Note that the zc_* routines are C jacket routines in the lower layer, and will generally not exist for VMS. The code pointers will indicate the different versions for the various operating systems :

The Linux version has been (mostly) set up in 2005 by Giorgio Calderone and Luciano Nicastro at IASF Palermo in a different build arrangement (they tried to set up a VOS generated by cpp-like directives from a source common to all systems), and tested under the Intel compiler. The VOS (with sources different from OS to OS where required) presented here is based mainly on the result of their cpp-like preprocessor, has been finalised in 2009 and is also intended for use with the Intel compiler. The main differences with either their sources, or the typical Unix sources, concern respectively the routine Z_LOGINTIME (which they did not test and required a Linux adhoc fix) and all the memory allocation routines, in which their version is followed, at variance with the common Unix version.
A-Y blkxrcommon checkerr cpuclk
Z_A-Z_C z_alloc z_aux_envfile z_break z_channel z_close_stream
Z_D-Z_E z_dealloc z_delete_file z_dieee_to_vms z_dvms_to_ieee z_exit
Z_F-Z_H z_fullname z_get_command z_get_global z_hostname
Z_I-Z_N z_ieee_to_vms z_initenv z_inquire z_logintime
Z_O-Z_Q z_op_sys z_open z_open_stream z_print_file
Z_R-Z_S z_read_stream z_rename_file z_run z_schedule z_seek_stream
z_set_global z_spawn z_sys_name z_syserror
Z_T-Z_U z_tape_open z_terminal z_ttyname z_username
Z_V-Z_Z z_vms_to_ieee z_write_stream
Zc_A-Zc_E zc_alloc zc_break zc_cuserid zc_dtime zc_execvp
Zc_F zc_fclose zc_fopen zc_fork zc_fread
zc_free zc_fseek zc_fwrite
Zc_G-Zc_N zc_getdomainname zc_getenv zc_gethostname zc_memcpy zc_mknod
Zc_P-Zc_S zc_putenv zc_pwnam zc_rename zc_stat zc_system
Zc_T-Zc_Z zc_terminal zc_time zc_ttyname zc_unlink

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