2. Retrieve and install XAS kits

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XAS kits can be retrieved via WWW, via ftp or via DECnet. The present page is mainly orientated to WWW users.

2.1 What kits are available

Kit sizes

In order to size disk space requirements and network transfer a forthcoming table is provided.

retrieve the system-independent kit

this kit contains all system-independent source code and reference data files. Once retrieved you shall
uncompress it

retrieve the system-dependent source kit

this kit contains source code which is system dependent, typically the VOS library, any external (non-XAS) libraries, and template reference data files in the local subdirectory. Again do not forget to uncompress it

retrieve the Unix-system-dependent source kit

this kit contains those specific source code in the VOS and external libraries, which is different for different flavours of Unix. Again do not forget to uncompress it

retrieve the system-dependent binary kit

this kit contains compiled relocatable libraries and ready-to-go executables. Of course this too must be uncompressed

2.2 Useful hints, glossary, etc.

2.2.1 Definition of a "kit"

A "kit" is defined here as some repository file containing, usually in a compressed form, a collection of files. The exact format of a kit depends on the target system. In practice we have chosen the following two formats.

2.2.2 Retrieval via WWW (Mosaic)

The way to retrieve a file via WWW depend on the WWW browser you have. The present description assumes you are using X-Mosaic.
Start Mosaic from the scratchdir where you want to load files.
Make sure a dummy file exists there, otherwise the Mosaic Save As dialog may fail
Make sure you have adequate disk space in Mosaic work area.

To load a file onto your system you just click on its entry. If the file is recognized as a binary file, Mosaic will retrieve the file, and uncompress it automatically for you. It will then prompt you for the file name (preferentially assign the recommended name shown with the individual kit dexcription).
If a file is not recognised as binary, to force retrieval and loading instead of viewing, do the following before clicking : select the Options menu from the top menu bar and click on Load To Local Disk.

2.2.3 Retrieval via ftp

All files can be retrieved using usual binary ftp. The names of the files, and the host they reside onto are given with the individual kit description in the form of an URL.
You ftp to the given hostname, either as anonymous, or with the indicated username and password. Then do :
cd directory
get file

2.2.4 Retrieval via DECnet

Retrieval via DECnet is not currently arranged. VMS savesets can be retrieved without problems using binary ftp.