Installing XAS 1.1

preliminary location of this page is at IFCTR
interim location of this page should be at ITESRE
final location of this page should be at SAX-SDC

XAS (X-ray astronomy Analysis System) is a prototype software written in the context of the SAX mission by Lucio Chiappetti at IFCTR and Daniele Dal Fiume at ITESRE. More information is available in a separate file

XAS installation

decide a location for installation

that is choose the disk subdirectory for XAS software

retrieve and install the kits

this will give you a ready-to-run XAS version

configure xasbuild

although not necessary for running, it is suggested you do this now, so that you are ready to install any future upgrade.

optionally rebuild XAS

it is not necessary that you recompile, you can just run with the executables you have loaded. But if you want to make everything afresh, you must have done all steps so far.

XAS customization

Only a minimal customization in each XAS user account is needed in order to run XAS.

upgrading XAS

This section describes the actions to be taken in the future when upgrades to XAS will be distributed. It is planned to distribute upgrades to individual modules, without need of a full reload (for little changes this saves lots of work).

multi-architecture support

You may look at this section if you are interested in installing XAS on more than one system.