6. XAS upgrades

preliminary location of this page is at IFCTR
interim location of this page should be at ITESRE
final location of this page should be at SAX-SDC

In order to make life easier, it is planned to distribute upgrades to XAS on a module-by-module basis, more than making "full releases".
The following simple cases may be considered :

  1. an existing program is modified and must be recompiled
  2. an existing routine is modified, it must be recompiled and all programs depending on it must be reloaded
  3. similarly if an include file is modified, all modules depending on it must be recompiled or reloaded
  4. a new program and/or a new routine are added
  5. new routines are added but are now called also by old programs

Uploading a XAS upgrade

Filling this form will allow you to upload an ad-hoc kit with all XAS files modified since a given DATE. You may select which SUBSET of data to retrieve, and optionally a target SYSTEM, and you may select the MODALITY of retrieval (you may either view a list of all files modified, or view a page from which you can ftp the files, or will have a tar file made).
This provisionally allows to SEARCH IN the master frozen XAS 1.1 (installed on 27/08/94, now disabled) and to LC's private development versions at IFCTR (the OLD one installed on 14/09/94 now disabled and the CURRENT one installed on 10/04/96, reinstalled on OSF on 11/09/96).

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