2.1.0 XAS 1.1 kit sizes

Disk space requirements

System     Full size  of which libraries and executables

Ultrix     42 Mbyte            1.1 Mbyte     37 Mbyte
SunOS      24 Mbyte            0.9 Mbyte     22 Mbyte
VMS         6 Mbyte            0.7 Mbyte      2 Mbyte

Compressed kit size

System     Source kit   System dependent kits
                        Source     Unix       Binaries

Unix       0.6 Mbyte    0.2 Mbyte   --         --
Ultrix     --           --         0.2 Mbyte  21 Mbyte
SunOS      --           --         0.2 Mbyte  14 Mbyte
HP-UX      --           --         
VMS         1 Mbyte      2 Mbyte   --         --

sizes for HP-UX to be computed by Daniele Dal Fiume

Mosaic scratch space

Mosaic operates in the following way when retrieving a compressed binary file : If there is not enough space in the work area (although there is in your destination scratchdir, Mosaic will fail on uncompressing, and you will be left with file A.Z (where A is a funny-looking unpredictable numeric name) in the work area. You may uncompress, move and remove it manually.
However it is best to avoid this situation, checking there is adequate space in /var/tmp (default work area), and if not, telling Mosaic at startup to use a different work area either: