7. Multi-architecture support

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It is very easy to run XAS from several machines running the same operating system, just install XAS on one machine, and make sure that all other machines see (e.g. via a NFS mount) the relevant disk.

However ...

this page is concerned with the case you want to run XAS from several machines with different operating systems. Of course you always can make separate installations but ...

This is possible also...

doing some sort of simplified installation. Essentially :

If you have a VMS system and some Unix systems...

The above combination allows you to save the duplication of source code space. It has been tested succesfully for a long time in conjunction with manual recompilation (it is possible to compile a source file residing on the Vax NFS-mounted onto the Unix system)
HOWEVER usage of NFS-mounted VMS disks is likely not to be compatible with Unix make (which is used by xasbuild).
There are two difficulties with make. One requires the two system clocks to be synchronized, and to be in the same timezone (the VMS TCP-IP implementation of time-zones is installation dependent), which possibly could be arranged.
The second one is that make does Unix system calls to change directory, and these will not work when the parent directory is not an Unix disk.

Therefore usage of xasbuild with VMS NFS-mounted disk is unsupported

If you have several Unix systems...

The above combination allows to save duplication of source code, and to handle updates in a single physical copy. The arrangement with NFS-mounted disks is fully compatible with xasbuild provided the two system clocks are kept synchronized (otherwise make may occasionally fail).
to be checked, also for other xasbuild possibilities, by Daniele Dal Fiume