2.1.4 Retrieving the XAS binary kit

preliminary location of this page is at IFCTR
interim location of this page should be at ITESRE
final location of this page should be at SAX-SDC

If you are a VMS user you may PROCEED since there is no binary kit, it's all in XASVMS.BCK_LZ which you should have already loaded.

If you have gone so far, you have already installed all source files necessary to build XAS
However we offer pre-built binaries, so that you can "load and go".
This kit includes precompiled relocatable libraries, and preloaded program executables for several operating systems.
the following locations at IFCTR are provisional and must be moved to ITESRE asap as an interim solution awaiting SDC-MSC availability. It has to be decided if the kits for unsupported systems (Sun, HP) may be hosted at ITESRE/SDC or have to be mantained by the providers (IFCTR for Sun, ITESRE for HP).
The following kits are available all as compressed tar files :