The SAX Consortium

The SAX Consortium includes several institutes in Italy and in the Netherlands (listed from South to North) Select the above items to see a list of SAX staff at each institute.

SAX Ground Segment

Here you can view the current action list for the SAX GS Working Group.

SAX Documents

Pointers to various documents may be placed here. The documents themselves may be structured with an hypertext table of content (written in HTML ) pointing to the various documents sections held in the different sites. The bulk of the documents can be held e.g. in PostScript or ASCII files, which might be viewed by additional previewers or directly using a WWW client like NCSA Mosaic. In addition pointers for automatic retrieval of the documents via ftp may be set-up.

This server should in the routine regime only contain a link to a file in SDC/SAC (or ad interim Palermo), however it presently lists a few places where one can find useful things:

SAX Software

This could be a link to a page in SDC/SAC (or ad interim Bologna), however it presently lists a few places where one can find useful things :

SAX Proposal submission

A ... proposal for SAX Proposal submission via WWW is unofficially available for usage during the Performance Verification phase.
An aid to check target observability constraints is also provided.

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