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Information on calibration file update

Almost all calibration files contain a time-stamp indicating the date they were last changed. This is a string "Version 19YY-Mon-dd" in the topmost line of ASCII files or a keyword in XAS image file headers (GMAPVERS). Note that this is the relevant date, not the file creation date of whichever XAS version you access (this reflects the date the file on disk was changed, which may be affected by backups and other irrelevant contingencies).
The few files which do not contain any date are either those still in preliminary format, or those containing information derived on the ground and unlikely to change. They have to be assumed valid and present since launch.

We intend to give here below a list of updates to calibration files, with the most recent on top. Note that even if a file is created or modified at a later date, it has still to be assumed valid since launch, i.e. at the moment there are no plans for time-dependent calibration files, since there are no time-dependent calibration parameters.
To be fully correct since launch more properly means since beginning of the SVP, since some commissioning observations were done with an older gain setting. It is not planned to supply calibration files for those very few observations.

Calibration file updates - last check 13 Sep 07 12:06

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